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Gundog Trainer Mell Brooks

AnningtonBay Gundogs

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If you are looking to train your dog for the field or to trial then you need to be confident that you are going to a trainer who understands dogs and can bond you and your dog into the best team. Anningtonbay Gundogs supports clients from complete beginneer to the top level of competition and will help you succeed in all the ambitions you have for your Dog.


Mell Brooks has achieved considerable Field Trialing success over the years, wining in both Novice and Open level. 

Mell Brooks travels between Hampshire, West Sussex, Cornwall and Somerset and can offered tailored Gundog Training and Obedience dog training in all of these locations.


Gundog Training for    Shooting Field

Gundog Training for Field Trials & Competitions
Mell Brooks and Lowan Field Trialing

Sometimes you dont want to compete at the top of the game but just want a steady happy dog and maybe take them out to work once in a while. We are happy to help you to reach whichever level you want with your dog, and can take the time to work with all abilities and levels.

Field Trials, the top level of our lovely sport. What better way to train than with someone who competes at the top level. With a wealth of understanding, knowledge and experience to offer. Anningtonbay Gundogs can teach you and your dog to get the most out of your abilities.

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