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Mell Brooks' Anningtonbay Gundogs. With many years of training clients she now covers Hampshire, West Sussex, Somerset and Cornwall. 

How We Train

One size doesn't fit all and one training style doesn't fit each dog and owner.  Mell constantly assesses and adapts the training to suit how each owner-dog team is taught. Its this ethic, hard work and a consistent calm approach that give clients a lifelong working companion and perhaps even more importantly lots of fun on the path to get there.

“I have been going to see Mell for many years. Had a good trialing season last year and will improve this season!"

“Lets just say my dog is a challenge, but Mell has been helping me overcome each hurdle one by one. Love the lessons and she is so patient”

"Having seen what Mell & Lowan have done in their trials this past season  I had to book a session with her. Haven't looked back, very worthwhile."

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